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Our Current Availability

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Please review the attached availability, it has been updated recently and also includes our new pricing.  We are nearly sold out of some of our best selling items (Green Giants, Gulftide Osmanthus, etc.) but have more crops coming along. We are taking orders for the future crops that will be ready this summer and fall so please note that there are forecasted finish times listed for any items that we do not have ready currently. We strongly encourage you to book early so we can hold material for you.  If you wait until our plants are ready to place an order then we will probably already be sold out and you will miss out on our high quality, Micro Kote treated, container grown material.

If you got items from us last year and want to get them again this year then please send us your plant list or let us know to roll your 2016 order over for 2017. We want to cover our existing customers’ needs but if you don’t have an Acknowledgement from us then we do not have an order entered for you.
Most of our customers take the material they order from us but to ensure we don’t hold plants, pass up opportunities to sell them elsewhere and then have orders cancel on us we have decided to start requiring deposits to hold material. A deposit of 25% of the total due is required to validate an Acknowledgement and the deposit amount will be deducted from the Invoice once the order is shipped. If you have any questions on specific items, the process of booking an order or paying the deposit then please contact us.   

The staff at Old Courthouse Nursery would like to thank you for your business in 2016 and looks forward to growing more plants for you in 2017!


Micro Kote Treated Containers

We have continued to get all of the containers we buy treated with Micro Kote (propagation trays to 25 gallon containers).  This is a latex coating that is sprayed into each pot that contains micronutrients and copper. The copper component acts as a chemical root pruning agent by burning the tips of the roots when they reach the side of the pot. This prevents circling roots, creates a better branched and more fibrous root system that is more evenly distributed throughout the pot.  The fibrous root systems result in increased “shelf life” of material,  reduced time/labor associated with prepping roots during potting/planting, quicker establishment (which leads to increased growth and lower mortality) in newly potted/planted material and an overall higher quality plant from roots to shoots. 

We pot up a lot of our own material and have seen multiple benefits of Micro Kote first hand. This is not something we add as a marketing ploy (like overpriced, branded pots) but is something that we, as growers like you, have seen as a benefit to our production. This is one of the most significant direct costs that we add to our plants that many other suppliers do not so make sure you consider this when comparing our plants to those from other suppliers.


For more information on this product please visit: www.microkote.com or give us a call to discuss the benefits we’ve seen.


We put in extra labor, costs and effort throughout the growing process to increase the quality and value of the plant material that we sell. This extra work on our end reduces the amount of time and labor that you have to put into finishing plants that you get from us.  You might find cheaper plants but we don’t think you’ll find a better value than the plants we offer. To sum it up we tell people:  “Nice plants aren’t cheap and cheap plants aren’t nice”. We encourage you to visit our nursery so you can see the quality of our plant material and the quality of our operation as a whole.


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