Our Advantages

Our team at Old Courthouse Nursery strives to grow the best plants we can and to also provide the best customer service possible. We do this by aiming to produce top quality plants with attention to detail on everything from the top shoots of the leaders to the fibrous root system we grow using our Micro Kote treated pots. While growing quality plants and supporting our customers are the two most obvious goals there is more to being a top notch supplier, and especially a liner supplier, than just producing quality crops.

We also have to keep our production steady so that our customers know they will get what they want when they need it year in and year out so that their production will stay on track. We are able to do this by using our in-house production to control our own supply chains by propagating our own liners and growing most of our step up material in-house. We also try to plug into our customers’ production schedules by taking advanced bookings and producing contract grown orders so that we have the products they need when they are ready for them.  We do our production planning, growing, selling and shipping from a grower’s mind set to better serve our customers, most of which are also growers.

We feel that there are many advantages to dealing with us but the links below will explain a few of the things we really want to highlight in further detail. Don’t just take it from us, we encourage you to talk to our customers and ask them about their dealings with us. We value our customers and feel that their references to other growers and word of mouth advertising, which is how we gain most of our new business, make the strongest case for our products.  Our other best “salesmen” are our plants themselves so we always encourage people to come and see our operation. If you can’t make if for a tour in person then check out our photo Galleries to see pics and drone footage of our operation. If you don’t know any of our customers then you can also see what some other top notch growers have to say about us in our Testimonials section.