Quality from Shoots to Roots

At OCN we strive to produce the best plants possible from the tip of the leader to the tips of the roots in the pot. We shear/stake/prune our plants with our end users’ needs in mind, we use the best controlled release fertilizers available from Harrells and Florikan, we use top quality aged pine bark from Pacific Organics , we have all of the pots we buy treated with micro kote to enhance the root systems, we stick to a steady regimen of hand weeding and pre-emergent applications and keep the nursery as clean and weed free as possible so you get the plants you want without any unwanted weeds.  

We put in extra labor, costs and effort throughout the growing process to increase the quality and value of the plant material that we sell and this extra work on our end reduces the amount of time and labor that you have to put into finishing plants that you get from us.  

To sum it up we tell people:  “Nice plants aren’t cheap and cheap plants aren’t nice”. You might find cheaper plants but we don’t think you’ll find a better value than the plants we offer. We encourage you to make time to visit our nursery so you can see the quality of our plant material and the quality of our operation as a whole but in the meantime, check out our drone tour  and pictures of the nursery.