In-House Supply

OCN propagates much of its own material and for any items that we don’t propagate ourselves,  we have other high quality suppliers that produce liners for us on yearly, contract grown basis to ensure our production is steady.  With our mix of container sizes from 1 to 25 gallons, we have nearly all of our step up material growing on site. Having so much of our own step up material produced in-house allows us to control the quality and the supply which allows us to provide our customers with a consistent source of high quality material that they can count on to keep their own production steady.

We have our hands on multiple stages of production and can show you the 7 gallon you will get for your current order but can also show you the three gallons that will make the next crop of 7 gallons, the one gallons that will make the next crop of three gallons and the rooted cuttings that will make the one gallons that start the whole process. Having our hands on so many steps in the process helps ensure that you will get the plant material you need year in and year out which is crucial for any type of production nursery.