Micro Kote Treated Containers

We get all of the containers we buy treated with Micro Kote which includes 32ct trays all the way up to 25 gallon and everything in between. Micro Kote (which is similar to the product known as Spin Out) is a latex coating that is sprayed into each pot that contains micronutrients and copper. The copper component acts as a chemical root pruning agent by burning the tips of the roots when they reach the side of the pot. This prevents circling roots and creates a more branched and fibrous root system that is more evenly distributed throughout the pot. The fibrous root systems result in increased “shelf life” of material,  reduced time/labor associated with prepping roots during potting/planting, quicker establishment (which leads to increased growth and lower mortality) in newly potted/planted material and an overall higher quality plant from roots to shoots.

We pot up a lot of our own material and have seen multiple benefits of Micro Kote first hand. This is not something we add as a marketing ploy (like overpriced, branded pots that other nurseries use) but is something that we, as growers like you, have seen as a benefit to our production. This is one of the most significant direct costs that we add to our plants that many other suppliers do not so make sure you consider this when comparing our plants to those from other suppliers.

For more information on this product please visit: www.microkote.com or give us a call to discuss the benefits we’ve seen.