Grower Minded Sales and Production

Old Courthouse Nursery sells from a grower mindset with our focus on filling the needs of other growers. Since we step up and grow out many items ourselves (we are our own biggest customer), we understand what our grower customers want and need in their liners and take many extra steps to ensure they get a good starter plants.

Our production planning and order taking systems are aimed at plugging into our customers’ production cycles well in advance of when the plants they need are actually ready to ship. We contract grow material, take early bookings and do yearly order roll overs for our customers. Many other nurseries only list what they currently have ready but if we are currently sold out of an item then an estimated finish date is listed for the next crop to allow you to book crops in advance and not just buy what we have ready. Click here to see our full availability list. This lets customers plan further in advance and line up plants for both current and future production cycles. Our steady, advanced planned production has been especially important in helping our customers rebuild their inventories after the cut backs during the years of the economic downturn and to maintain the flow of their production cycles despite the industry wide plant material shortages of more recent years. Click here view the memo that NCNLA released to help people understand the shortages of plant material.

Don’t just take it from us, click here to see what other industry leading growers have to say about dealing with Old Courthouse Nursery. We look forward to sending you your first order and to becoming a yearly source for your plant material needs.